The Best HDMI Audio Converters

HDMI is the norm for a lot of devices these days, but there are times when you need something more than HDMI. Whether you need to connect to RCA or Optical (SPDIF) or even just headphones, an audio converter can help transfer that HDMI signal to a wide variety of other outputs.

Audio converters allow you to take an HDMI signal from devices like a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Blu-Ray player, or Laptop and convert them to allow them to display on other HDMI devices, speakers, 5.1 surround sound systems, and so much more. Furthermore, you can display older devices that only support RCA or otherwise and have them display on your HD TV, sometimes with 1080p up-scaling as well!

Check out our choices for the best HDMI audio converters, and hopefully, you find the perfect one to fit your needs.

Author: Brian Barnett. [Source Link (The Best HDMI Audio Converters), IGN All]