How the Halo TV Series Aims to ‘Honor the Games’ – IGN Premiere

With the much-anticipated launch of the Halo TV series on Paramount+ on March 24, IGN will debut exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming adaptation of the iconic Xbox franchise all week long. Today, we’re uncovering how the visionary team behind the ambitious sci-fi series brought Halo from console to TV show.

Back in the summer of 2021, we traveled to the set of Halo Season 1 in Budapest, where we spoke to 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill, showrunner Steven Kane, production designer Sophie Becher, and more about the challenges of adapting this massive video game franchise into a tangible TV series for fans and newbies alike.

“What we’re really hoping to do is deliver a story in a way that we can’t deliver in the video game.” Kiki Wolfkill informed IGN. For the full interview and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the Halo TV series was created, check out the video below or at the top of the page:

Wolfkill went on to describe how the show will be able to focus on different emotional aspects of Master Chief that we don’t often see in the games.

“If you try to take the whole bite of the sandwich of Halo, 20 years of lore, you’ll choke.” – Steven Kane

“Being able to spend nine hours with Master Chief and the people around him, and get to see him in action as we experience in the games. But also be able to spend more time with him in those quiet moments, in which he’s trying to figure out his path forward in a different way than when you’re inhabiting his armor in the game,” Wolfkill said.

Showrunner Steven Kane discussed the first seasons’ core themes and balancing new ideas with what we’ve already seen in the games.

“We work head in helmet with 343 [Industries] to design the stories so that we’re both pulling from and servicing all the great stuff people love from Halo while taking it in new directions,” Kane explained. “Sometimes it’s just going deeper with characters, sometimes wider, sometimes inventing new characters and storylines that fit into the Halo universe but they’re new. We really wanted to explore, ‘If you’re willing to save humanity, how much of your humanity are you willing to risk in the process?’ That’s the core theme we explore in the first season.”

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And be sure to watch the series premiere of Halo when it drops on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 24.

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