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Welcome to the most chaotic episode of The Game Informer Show in 2022. Join us on today’s show, where we’re breaking down our glowing review thoughts on Tunic, trying to make sense of Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and gauging our hype levels on Overwatch 2. If that’s not enough, we finish off the pod with another fun edition of Listener Questions, where we finally go over our favorite (or least favorite) nightmares.

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:04:49 – Overwatch 2 Beta
00:19:40 – Tunic Review
00:45:00 – Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
00:58:51 – Elden Ring
01:04:04 – Horizon Forbidden West
01:09:15 – Housekeeping/Listener Questions

Topic Of The Show:

Is Tunic The Next Great Indie Game?

For over half a decade, many have followed the development of Tunic with bated breath, hoping for a new exciting indie to live up to its large amount of potential. But after years worth of delays and quick demos, many wondered what the finished product would be. Well, Tunic is finally here, and according to our own Jill Grodt, it’s one people should get excited about. Join us as we discuss why the Finji published gem is a fantastic ride filled with discovery and intense combat and why our new favorite fox actually shares some ties with a little game called Elden Ring.

Read our Tunic review here.

The Playlist:

Game Informer Staff discuss the games they’re playing.

We promise we don’t make too many chaos jokes when talking about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, but we do have to indulge a little bit, right? The EIC Andrew Reiner makes a rare appearance to talk about the bizarre entry in the iconic series from Square Enix. We’re breaking down the highs of the game’s combat, the lows of Final Fantasy Origin’s story, and tell you whether or not it’s worth picking up. Also, of course, we talk about Elden Ring because we can’t stop playing it. If it makes you feel any better, Marcus has a great analogy about how the game is kind of an experience akin to Dragon Ball of all things. You’ll just have to tune in to hear more.

Read our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review here.

Listener Questions:

The Game Informer crew answers your burning questions.

This week’s Listener Questions get spooky as we go over the nightmares that have haunted us to this day and what our favorite scary moments in video games are.

Read this week’s questions below and submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at

Hey GI Crew, since Alex asks every time, I figured I’d finally ask. What is a nightmare that you’ve had recently or have never forgotten? I had a nightmare in high school where I woke up without arms in a hospital bed, and I couldn’t get up. I could see the stubs of my elbows and feel my fingers moving. I practically woke up crying – Derek
Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite scary moments in games? What moments have kept you up at night after you stopped playing a game? – CaseyDavid

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