Multiple Anime Shows Delayed After Toei Animation Is Hacked

New episodes of four different anime series have been delayed after a recent hacking incident suspended some of Toei Animation’s internal systems.

According to Siliconera, Toei Animation became the target of an online hack on March 6 when an unauthorized third party attempted to access the company’s network, which resulted in its online store and internal systems “temporarily shutting down as a safety measure.” The suspension of those systems will affect the airing dates of some episodes of its anime series.

The shutdown has impacted the broadcasting schedules of four anime titles in total, with new episodes of Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai, One Piece, Digimon Ghost Game, and Delicious Party: Pretty Cure all affected by the incident. New episodes will not air as planned, with updated airing schedules released at a later date.

In the meantime, some shows will air reruns of earlier episodes in place of the new episodes that were originally scheduled for this weekend. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai will air its 31st episode on March 12 in place of its upcoming 73rd episode, while Delicious Party: Pretty Cure will air its fourth episode instead of the sixth episode.

Toei Animation shared a press release on March 7 to confirm that its network had been compromised by a third party the previous day. They are currently conducting an investigation into the incident to determine the details of the hack, specifically whether the security breach affected any of its user and client data.

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Author: Adele Ankers.