Peacemaker Funko Pops Are Up for Preorder

If there’s one thing I’ve learned covering collectibles, it’s that the Funko train does not stop. The company that makes these adorable vinyl figures has partnerships with just about every pop culture property in the known universe. Recent additions include Pokemon Funkos and Doctor Strange Funkos. The prolific company has just put up a new batch of figures based on the HBO Max show Peacemaker, and they’re just as funny/adorable as you’d probably expect.

Funko POP TV: Peacemaker Figures

The figures run the gamut, but they’re all very fun and very silly. We’ve got one of Peacemaker holding his trusty pet Eagly. We’ve got Vigilante and Judomasater. We’ve got Peacemaker in his tighty whities. And we have not one but two versions Eagly. There’s the standard one and an Amazon-exclusive “flocked” variant.

Most of these Peacemaker Funkos are set to release in July, though Peacemaker with Eagly is currently scheduled for August. Not sure why, and that could always change before the date rolls around.

Anyway, grab them if you want them. And if you haven’t seen Peacemaker but would like to, you can sign up for HBO Max here. It’s worth it. If you want to know why, check out our Peacemaker season 1 review for full details.

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Author: Chris Reed.